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Problemy Kolejnictwa
Scientific journal published since 1956
by Instytut Kolejnictwa (Railway Institute)

    The Editorial Board of the Railway Reports are committed to the highest quality and integrity of the work published in the journal and take all appropriate measures against misuse of scientific publications. The Editorial Board of the journal supports and respects the principles of transparency and good practice set out by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

  1. In the case of multi-authored publications, the editors of the Railway Reports journal require an indication of the contribution of the individual authors to the text. In the situation mentioned above, the affiliation, the percentage of creative work on the article and the author's role in the creation of the article should be indicated for each author.
  2. The Editorial Board consider Ghostwriting and Guest Authorship in particular as manifestations of scientific dishonesty. (Ghostwriting takes place when someone has made a significant contribution to a publication without disclosing their contribution as one of the authors or without mentioning their role in the acknowledgements in the publication. Guest authorship (honorary authorship) is when an author has made little or no contribution to the publication, but is nevertheless an author/co-author of the publication).

    The appointed reviewers are to guarantee independence and absence of conflict of interest in the reviewer-author relationship, which means absence of direct personal relationship, professional relationship of dependence and direct scientific collaboration during the two years preceding the preparation of the review. If a reviewer presumes the identity of the author of an article and there is a potential conflict of interest, the reviewer shall immediately inform the journal's editorial board.

The Editor share e-mail addresses of authors for possible discussion.
Every complaints and appeals will be considered by the Editor-in-Chief.